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*****There is an addition 7.00 (each) charge for more than 2 energies.***** Please send up to 2 questions. Also please send first names Only and d.o.b.


 In-depth Reading. I DO NOT SUGARCOAT!

 (Be CLEAR On What You Are Asking) for your Love Reading, Delivery Is Usually 4 Business Days.

I will do an overview spread of the relationship and then give an addition mini spread per question.

Let’s see what is going on with your relationship as I focus on two energies in this reading, You and your Love or You, you Love and the Outsider.

This reading aims to give more detail on how the relationship has developed over time. How do they feel about you? How do they see you? Will this relationship grow into what you want it to me? Let’s find out to ease your curiosity.


Remember these cards are not written in stone and this is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. You have FREE WILL and ONLY YOU can control and change your reality.

Readings maybe longer  than the due date to high volume in request. Thank you for your patience.

6 reviews for Relationship Video Tarot Reading

  1. Tammy

    Thank you for your reading. It really resonated with me and my situation, provided me with guidance and eased my heart. Bree will tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. The reading and response were timely. Thank you! I will be back.

  2. Kia (verified owner)

    I was provided with some insightful information – a few uncomfortable truths but definitely a worthwhile reading into my situation. Very happy with the reading as it gave me a lot of clarity on my current situation and steps to take in order to move on.

  3. Fani (verified owner)

    Your reading was very insightful and without knowing me, my relationship or my career fears, you managed to hit the nail on the head for both circumstances. Thank you for the guidance, insight, and courage.You’ve made a loyal customer out of me.

  4. CW (verified owner)

    I just received a reading from Bria. She is very in tune with the reading and was really spot on. Like so spot on, it was a bit scary lol. If i ever need some reassurance about a situation, i will be sure to check back in with her. You will not be disappointed. She also responds in a very timely manner. 🙂 Thanks Bria!

  5. Melanie Brooks

    Bria is an amazing, true, hearty reader ❤️ Thank you! My person did come back. Responding to my wish fulfilled. I also understand the point where she mentioned about the limbo again. If you are wondering, Bria is the best. She is the gift ? Blessing towards her ✨

  6. Savannah V

    Interesting with a video as a reading! It was worth the money since she did much more than just write a sentence or two. I would definetly recommend getting a reading from her.

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