Your 2024 Tarot Reading

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Your Personal General Reading For 2024

The combination of a Tarot and IntuitiveĀ  reading can be powerful and it can be used to give us a heads up on what is in store for us. Let’s see the year has in store for you path. I will also dive into the energies of what you will be facing in the year 2024.

*** You can ask up to 3 personal questions for your reading***

Delivery Time: 5 Days

**Refunds for Cancellations ONLY***

Readings maybe longerĀ  than the due date to high volume in request. Thank you for your patience.

2 reviews for Your 2024 Tarot Reading

  1. Rhodine Louis (verified owner)

    An amazing reading from an amazing reader. Not only did she confirm everything I felt going on she gave me clarification on all of my situations. This woman is truly gifted. If nothing else, reciving the messages felt like I was speaking to an older sister or aunt. Thank you bria lee

  2. Shemika Ray

    Just about everything came to pass this year 2022. Some not in the same order but it all went down. I am going to order again for 2023!

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