The combination of a Tarot and Numerology  reading can be powerful and it can be used to give us a heads up on what is in store for us. Let’s see what each month has in store for you throughout the year. I will also dive into the energies of what you will be facing in the year 2020.  Delivery Time 18 days


3 Separate Videos (RECORDED)

First video will be about the energies of 2020 for you and your theming for the year.

Second video will be a Tarot Reading/Oracle Reading for the first half of 2020

Third Video will be a Tarot Reading/Oracle Reading for the second half of 2020. Also in this video I will answer your questions you have provided for your reading.


Readings maybe longer  than the due date to high volume in request. Thank you for your patience. 11/28/2019


1 thought on “2020 Personal Year In Tarot Reading/Numerology

  1. An amazing reading from an amazing reader. Not only did she confirm everything I felt going on she gave me clarification on all of my situations. This woman is truly gifted. If nothing else, reciving the messages felt like I was speaking to an older sister or aunt. Thank you bria lee

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