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*****There is an addition 7.00 (each) charge for more than 2 energies.***** Please send up to 2 questions. Also please send first names Only and d.o.b.

I can tap into your ex’s energy to see how they view you, their thoughts about you or even if they may have something to say to you but too scared to tell you.

You don’t have to stalk their social media sis! Let’s SPY on them together!

We can find out what your ex been up to. Do they miss you? Do they think of you? Do they want to come back to you? Are they happy with such and such? I can find out for you. Please send up to 2 questions. Also please send first names Only and d.o.b.

4 Business Day Delivery


Remember these cards are not written in stone and this is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. You have FREE WILL and ONLY YOU can control and change your reality.

Readings maybe longer  than the due date to high volume in request. Thank you for your patience.

6 reviews for Your Ex Messages – Tarot Reading

  1. I.Am.Brandy

    Before this reading I bought today….I got a reading months back sometime last year. I really thought that he was never coming back but Bria said otherwise. Fast forward, everything she said was literally true and it’s insane! She is sweet and has a warm welcoming energy. Don’t ever doubt her, like everybody has said she is the real deal.

  2. Lakeisha McMillion

    Lmao why did her prediction come through the next day?! l dare say Bria is the GOAT! Don’t ask her anything you don’t want to know. If you say she didn’t predict accurately you’re either impatient or your just straight up dishonest. She predicted my ex’s behavior down to the T. All the way down to his nice nasty text messages. Get your reading while you can!

  3. I.Am.King.Quan

    Man I couldn’t wait to leave this review but Bria is the real deal. Talking to her on the phone is even a way better experience. She knows me and POi situation so well like she was there. It’s ridiculous. Bria understands.. man Bria made my entire day after our talk. She’s extremely gifted. No question about it. Bria understood me and said that “ I was still learning” which is true because I really didn’t know what was going on, I was so confused and it’s so crazy after ALL this time POI still cares. Bria said some other stuff that resonated. I can’t wait to talk to her again. Hopefully sooner or later me and POI talk like she says ?? thank you Bria

  4. Valerie

    Bria said my ex and I would reconcile, so it must be true! She delivered my reading within the time frame listed and I liked that she provided a video of her shuffling and laying out the cards on camera. I’ve had at least 3 other people tell me that we’d reconcile and he’d come back. She did mention that if we don’t fix what wasn’t working the first time around, the relationship would crumble again, which I’ve also heard before and definitely understand. She gave me clarity that he does still have loving energy for me and think about me. Now I just need to have faith in the universe that everything will work out how it’s supposed to! I would love to buy another reading from Bria again.

  5. Vincent Trezure

    She detailed the reading on video! There were a lot of things she mentioned in the reading, that I would have not thought otherwise. I would high recommend this to anyone who is curious about the upcoming year.

  6. Preston LeBlue

    I keep coming back because she is the real deal. She used words that my ex would use and say it in a way my ex says it. Word for word! Blows my mind. The one i know i must work on is patience because I know negativity can affect things/maybe take longer. But will focus on me and wait when it’s time for them to come back.

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