It’s Draining You…

Energy is being drained in this spread right here. Some of you may be doing too much to change a problem and this could be draining you at this time. You need to take a step back, take a moment to breathe a bit and look at the problem a different way. The King of Cups in Reverse is telling you that whatever you are doing to shift things or to make things right again is not working at all and has left you very unbalanced emotionally. (This could also mean the person you may be dealing with is unstable and you are trying your best to stick with them.) As you take the time to pull your energy back, in this moment you may realize that this issue will never change and you need to release it. The Six of Pentacles in Reverse reveals how one sided this situation has been for you. It has been unfair. It has been unkind. It has been so selfish and cold. Yet there you are still holding on to it. The Ten of Wands in Reverse shows you are carrying a heavy burden by your damn self, including their burdens as well. This is not fair to you nor is it fair to your journey. You must wake up to understand that this cycle is coming to an end. By you holding on and trying to fix things is only going to leave you wounded and defeated after the dust settles. Is this situation or person truly worth feeling this way?

Spring Sale On Readings :)


SALE ENDS: April 30, 2019

Dear Valued Amazing Customer,

A new season is here and I want to show how much I appreciate you guys by offering  this Spring Sale. (Except for the Quickie Reading)

Thank you all for being so amazing. I am truly humbled that many of you have allowed me to help you. May this season (Spring) bring the change that is needed in your life.

Blessings in Light

Bria Lee

Victory is Yours

Six of Wands – Victory Has Arrive

          Now that the dust has begun to settle, you are now coming out of the shadows from being wounded. For some of you this is your time baby. Things are turning around in your favor because you did not give up on yourself.  They did not appreciate you enough to know your worth. They may have given up on you but you fought your way back to life and now on the path to winning. Whatever you had let go or ended, the door has now open for a new energy that is going to have you on cloud 9. Go ahead, hold your head high and fix your crown. Ride this wave to your victory and know that they are watching/stalking ………… from the side lines.

Tell them “Watch me boo. Watch me do amazing without you.”

Blessings in Light

Bria Lee

The way I read for you..

I am an Intuitive Tarot Reader. I cannot see what you are wearing nor can I see what you had for breakfast today. I AM NOT a Medium, but I do get downloads from the other side.

I do pull the Tarot Cards based on your situation(s) or question(s) that you supply for your reading. I do not give out time-frames. Believe it or not, energy changes and so do situations and this can cause delays in timing predictions and timing is not set in stone. However, I will tell you what I see coming for your situation based on the intuitive tarot reading I give to you.

Tarot is used for guidance when you are not clear on which path to take or which actions to make to improve your problem. Please know that I am here to help and guide you with the best possible outcome with no JUDGEMENT from me.









Mental and Spiritual Relief

About that Lunar Eclipse on 7/27/2018

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From: My Spiritual Team

To: You

Friday’s Lunar Eclipse will be a very beautifully awesome sight. There is a meaning to it for me. Usually when eclipses happen it affects us in a number of ways. What I feel the is means for you and me are major changes and major endings.

This change and ending is something you are aware of all ready but for some reason you either just been holding on to it or you feel stuck in it. This eclipse comes to your rescue if you want out. It is time to release the drama. That means getting out of a toxic relationship, leaving that dead end job and getting out of old ways of thinking that are holding you back from the very blessing God has for you. These never ending cycles are about to end.

I want you to get ready and be prayed up for this ride into your new journey, your new chapter that will happen in your life. Keep in mind change is always good. Make this change what you want it to be so you can be truly your better SELF!


Blessings to you all

~Bria Lee~

Are you losing yourself..

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When I read for people I usually tend to feel their energy, so I will leave this here:


If lately, you have been feeling like you’re outside of your body. You can’t explain it. It’s like you don’t recognize yourself. You look like you but you are a stranger to yourself. You often say “This can’t be my life right now.” You have lost yourself and you don’t know who you are anymore or which path to take. I want you to know, you are indeed yourself. You are just out of balance. You just got too wrapped up into life that you lost who you are. It is time for you to re-introduce yourself to you. I want you to pick a day this week, any day. Take two hours out of that day to be alone and meditate. Shut off the thought process. When all is quiet and you feel at peace. Visualize yourself, and introduce yourself to you.  Apologize to yourself for being neglectful and not taking care of you. Promise yourself that you will let go of that toxic energy, let go of self-doubt and accept you for the perfect being you are made to be by working within yourself to love yourself again.  You deserve it, you are worth it and most of all you are LOVED. Never let anyone tell you different.

Creating your future

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I just want to ask you all something. Do you know how powerful you are?  Yes you! You have the almighty ability to create whatever you want and it all starts with a thought. That one thought leads to a feeling and that feeling is automatically attracting the very thing that piqued your thought. So it is very important that you are aware of what your mind process throughout the day. Just know every moment you are creating your future reality.  So you tell me: How’s your future looking right now?




Hello and Welcome to my space!!!

Thank you for checking out my store. I am happy you are here because I need to tell you something. You are more than what you know and you are more than what you have ever been taught. Whatever is holding you back is only an illusion and you have the power to break free from it. You are beautifully created for an amazing purpose, an amazing journey. I am happy to share this life space with you.

Be free.