It’s Draining You…

Energy is being drained in this spread right here. Some of you may be doing too much to change a problem and this could be draining you at this time. You need to take a step back, take a moment to breathe a bit and look at the problem a different way. The King of Cups in Reverse is telling you that whatever you are doing to shift things or to make things right again is not working at all and has left you very unbalanced emotionally. (This could also mean the person you may be dealing with is unstable and you are trying your best to stick with them.) As you take the time to pull your energy back, in this moment you may realize that this issue will never change and you need to release it. The Six of Pentacles in Reverse reveals how one sided this situation has been for you. It has been unfair. It has been unkind. It has been so selfish and cold. Yet there you are still holding on to it. The Ten of Wands in Reverse shows you are carrying a heavy burden by your damn self, including their burdens as well. This is not fair to you nor is it fair to your journey. You must wake up to understand that this cycle is coming to an end. By you holding on and trying to fix things is only going to leave you wounded and defeated after the dust settles. Is this situation or person truly worth feeling this way?

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