The way I read for you..

I am an Intuitive Tarot Reader. I cannot see what you are wearing nor can I see what you had for breakfast today. I AM NOT a Medium, but I do get downloads from the other side.

I do pull the Tarot Cards based on your situation(s) or question(s) that you supply for your reading. I do not give out time-frames. Believe it or not, energy changes and so do situations and this can cause delays in timing predictions and timing is not set in stone. However, I will tell you what I see coming for your situation based on the intuitive tarot reading I give to you.

Tarot is used for guidance when you are not clear on which path to take or which actions to make to improve your problem. Please know that I am here to help and guide you with the best possible outcome with no JUDGEMENT from me.









Mental and Spiritual Relief

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