Are you losing yourself..

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When I read for people I usually tend to feel their energy, so I will leave this here:


If lately, you have been feeling like you’re outside of your body. You can’t explain it. It’s like you don’t recognize yourself. You look like you but you are a stranger to yourself. You often say “This can’t be my life right now.” You have lost yourself and you don’t know who you are anymore or which path to take. I want you to know, you are indeed yourself. You are just out of balance. You just got too wrapped up into life that you lost who you are. It is time for you to re-introduce yourself to you. I want you to pick a day this week, any day. Take two hours out of that day to be alone and meditate. Shut off the thought process. When all is quiet and you feel at peace. Visualize yourself, and introduce yourself to you.  Apologize to yourself for being neglectful and not taking care of you. Promise yourself that you will let go of that toxic energy, let go of self-doubt and accept you for the perfect being you are made to be by working within yourself to love yourself again.  You deserve it, you are worth it and most of all you are LOVED. Never let anyone tell you different.